Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge

Happy 75th Birthday Today Golden Gate Bridge! Tom and I celebrated the bridge’s 50th birthday, 25 years ago when I was only 27 years old (now, don’t be trying to calculate my age on that anyone!) We were newly married and without kids so we used to go out on fun adventures as much as possible. This time we decided to celebrate the Golden Gate’s Birthday Bash. We woke up bright and early, hopped on the bus from our New hometown, Petaluma (for those of you who don’t know where we are Really from) and set off for the bridge which was closed for the enormous walk across the bridge, no-cars party! I can’t remember everything, was I inebriated already so early in the morning? The bullhorns sounded and we all walked across the bridge in unison. All 800,000 of us! We were packed in like sardines on the bridge, neck to neck, body to body for 2 hours at least. I remember one girl in front of me suffered a panic attack and couldn’t breath. She was carried off to the side over our heads! All I can think of is that I’m surprised it wasn’t me, I hate crowds! Later, news reports said that the bridge swayed and actually flattened out with the weight of all the people! Which is the reason why the bridge is closed today. We ended the day at Crissy Field watching the fireworks and lighting of the bridge. It ended up being a wonderful day and and an experience I will never forget! Today I am staying home and celebrating by watching vicariously through my TV! Have fun if you go!


Laguna de Santa Rosa

Driving your kids to school  isn’t so bad when you have views like this! Laguna de Santa Rosa is gorgeous and ever-changing with the weather and seasons. These two photos are on my list for me to paint and sketch with charcoal!