Autumn Past

I haven’t blogged in some time now, except for the occasional photo and one- liners sent from my cell phone on my moblog, This past summer we moved our family of six twice. It was incredibly painful, the economy hit our family hard, really hard, but…that’s another story- you’ll just have to read the book! 🙂 Now that we have settled down and I have recovered, I am back to blogging! I really wanted to share with you my photos of autumn in Sonoma County, which is in Northern California (for those of you who might not know where I live). I love how the hot summer days here turn to cool, breezy autumn days, such a welcome relief! In October we had two, 100 degree weeks back to back, but we still managed to pull it off, “Thank you God!” I lived in Ohio through my teen years and what I miss most were the spectacular autumns. Californians experience fall but you might have to hunt it out! I have found some favorite neighborhoods and parks where I like to walk my dog Goldie and take in all the beauty. I find myself collecting brilliant yellow and gold leaves, fiery red and orange burnished oak leaves, acorns, berries, and like a kid, pick up the giant leaves bigger than my 24 inch TV screen and bring them home to wave and show off to my family. Here are some pictures I took on my morning walks.


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