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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

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Thinking Dog

Summer Reading Ideas For Our Family

Our daughter just did a huge report on One Hundred Years of Solitude so she might not want to re-read that one! 😉



Strawberry Fields Forever

IMG_0654First Strawberries of the season.

The Old Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree
The Old Oak Tree

Storm’s Rollin’ In

Storm's Rollin' In
At last a storm is coming into the Bay Area. San Francisco, CA
Fisherman’s Wharf

Last Visible Signs of an Old Railroad

Last Remnants of the Old Railroad

Save the Cross

I feel compelled to add this petition to my blog in order to help save a beautiful white Cross overlooking Spring Lake in Santa Rosa, California. Once my sister and I stood by the lake and painted the lake with the mountain and the white Cross on it. I still have my oil painting albeit unfinished. Little did I know the touching story behind it until now. Please read this about a boy, a friend and a Vet!

Save the Cross

Lake Sonoma’s Yorty Creek

We are a Lake family. Tom and I raised our kids practically on Lake Sonoma, specifically the Yorty Creek recreational area. Every chance we could get we would hang out on the beach, by the lake with our kids and our dog. The kids grew up out there. We brought grandparents, cousins, friends, visitors. Everybody we were close to, had to come with us to the lake; where we played, swam, kayaked and picnicked for days on end.

Back on April of 2010 we were coming out of, I will say a mini-drought. I wrote a blog post with pictures of the lake under drought conditions, but was happy to report in the same post that there was plenty of water from the latest storms for our summer adventures by the water.

Not this year though. Never in 26 years have I seen the lake…empty. It’s dry, ugly, murky and pretty much looks like the dead sea. We walked along the dry, barren cliffs, kicking around dust and clods of dirt. Finding fresh water clams, of course dead. We were actually I think stunned, silent and just walking, each one of us in our own world of thoughts. Disoriented even, the landscape looked that different! Wondering what happened? Where was our beautiful lake? Where is the water? Why hasn’t it rained? Even the sporadic green bushes were gone. We tried fishing it to no avail. Weary hunters passed us by silently, looking like they too were disheartened by the whole day.

We are in a serious drought. I realized standing there, how we must never take our water for granted. How we need to thank God for it. How we really need to do a rain dance and pray for rain. This lake is our drinking supply and for our farming and wine industry. We have a fish hatchery connected to the lake and annual spawning, salmon runs. This year is really, bad. What will happen to us if we don’t get rain next year? I couldn’t bare to think past that… This is a depressing post, I know. But, the reality of it all is there and posted here for you to see.

IMG_5062 IMG_5054 IMG_5090 IMG_5089 IMG_5083 IMG_5104 IMG_5093 IMG_5098

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